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Interior Design Ideas

Finishing the week with new interior design ideas to look at feels like a treat for me. I love seeing the new projects many of my interior designers and builders have just finished and sharing them with you. Another thing I am loving is having many homeowners and Instagram followers submitting photos of their homes to be publish on the blog. I love seeing how they’re decorating their home and what paint color they’re choosing.  All of this is being shared on this post and I really hope this comes to not only inspire you but also to encourage you to do all you can to make of your place a home that reflects who you are.

The Top 13 Home Decor Trends You Must Know for 2017

As seasons change, so do home decor trends, and the 2017 trend forecast will give you a whole lot to look forward to. Utility meets sustainability as more and more rooms integrate elements from the outdoors with a practical purpose. Think cork walls, plenty of plant life and organic materials in jewel-toned color palettes to make your style sensibilities sing. If your abode could use a little decor pick-me-up, this just might be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. 1. Organic Materials: The outdoors is making its way in, and the organic materials trend is no exception. Wood and stone can be beautifully integrated into a variety of aesthetics while contributing a soothing natural vibe. (via A Beautiful Mess )